Atlanta Associates Program


The Atlanta Associates Program is an enriching eleven-week summer program for current undergraduate students. The program is available to college men and women, and seeks to provide associates with opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of their identity, purpose, relationships and faith. The students are exposed to a dynamic array of life experiences and are encouraged to become more empowered, engaged and self-aware citizens of their community.

Each associate gains exposure to and experience in the workplace with a full-time job in Atlanta alongside local business leaders. The schedule also includes dedicated time for community service, providing associates with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world and their community by serving those in need. Housing is also provided, allowing associates to live together and cultivate relationships with one another.


Throughout the summer, the associates continually explore what it means to dedicate one's life to Jesus Christ and to others. The program includes weekly Scriptural teaching, regular meetings with Atlanta-based community and business leaders, and weekly house meetings involving relevant discussions about what each associate is learning along the way. Weekends combine free time and Atlanta activities with various road trips to visit families and people in other cities across the South, such as Nashville, Greenville, Highlands and Chattanooga.

Overall, an associate can expect a purposeful and powerful summer internship experience that will enrich their mind, spirit, heart and resume.

Dates: Wednesday, May 16 – Sunday, August 5 (11 weeks)
Special exceptions may be considered, but it is important that applicants understand that their attendance is required all eleven weeks. There are two main reasons for this — (1) respecting the positions we have arranged with employers and (2) the relationships that form between the associates as they work, live and travel together, which is a critical element to the overall experience.

Housing: The associates will likely live in a secure, gated apartment community close in the Atlanta-area within close proximity of program leadership. The men and women's housing are located in separate apartment complexes.

Cost: The cost of running the summer program is offset by the income the associates earn at their jobs and the support of the local community through the Atlanta Resource Foundation. Their income will be shared and used collectively to cover their expenses throughout the summer. In other words, associates will neither make nor lose money during their time.


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The Atlanta Resource Foundation partners with volunteers in our community to support young men and women in their spiritual and vocational development in this summer program.

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Hear from former associates

"I went into the summer wanting growth, fun experiences and new relationships, but God totally exceeded all of those expectations. He used my time in Atlanta to do serious work in my life, and I left the summer with not only a better understanding of who I am, but a better understanding of who God is. My work experience was incredible and weekend trips were awesome, but the community I get to be a part of now is what means the most to me. I met some of my best friends and I wouldn't trade anything for these relationships and the things we got to experience together.” - Connor Pereyo, 2016

"I feel as though I left this summer with a deeper self-awareness, deeper friendships, and a deeper relationship with God. There were so many instances this summer that I fought to hear God's voice amidst decisions or uncertainty. With that, I feel as though my relationship with Jesus grew so much through not only listening to him but also through seeing Him in the eyes of other people, in situations, in stories, etc. I truly have a new understanding of marriage, family, friendship, and community, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat." - Blaize Burley, 2017

“When I arrived in Atlanta, I had a lot of scattered energy and passion which pulled me many different directions. I sought meaningful, lasting, and direct relationships and to find direction for swaying ambition, which weighed heavily on me. I found that none of these things can come to complete fruition over the course of a few months, but they were certainly catalyzed. The men I was with in the program were extremely impactful on my day to day perspective on relationships and continue to be the best brothers I have. Take a chance and lean in. You won't regret it.” - Brandt McGregor, 2015

"This summer I developed a relationship with Jesus. Before my time in Atlanta I was blind to how important having a relationship with Jesus actually is. Now I see things through a whole new lens and am truly just all around happier." - Marcy Koenigsfeld, 2017

"Summer of 2016 was spent deepening my relationship with the Lord, becoming more self-aware and loving others in a more intimate way than I have ever experienced. I learned what it looks like to be a man in the workplace, in a family and in relationships with friends. In addition, I experienced countless fun adventures with friendships that I will have the rest of my life. It was definitely a life-changing summer and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun and grow closer with the Lord.” - Chase Clack, 2016

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