People in Relationship in Atlanta

In every zip code of Atlanta there are individuals following callings to serve others. These men and women may run businesses, households, lead congregations, serve in the fields of medicine or construction or public service. The Atlanta Resource Foundation seeks to quietly and naturally connect small groups of Atlantans to encourage one another through seasons of life in discovering, encouraging, networking, empowering, and giving to each other as we pursue our different, unique, and specific callings.

Through the CityLights gatherings we seek to consistently grow and maintain friendships. Through other activities that we assist in administrating we specifically seek to be an encourager, catalyst and behind the scenes facilitator of relationships.

Unlike other "foundations" we do not make grants or exist to distribute money. Sometimes friends use us to "pass through" a charitable gift but Atlanta Resource Foundation is focused on organically building relationships in the city.  

      P.O. Box 20057, Atlanta, GA 30325